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Praiwan Raft House


Praiwan Raft, Ratchaprapha Dam

Floating raft Ratchaprapha Dam (Cheow Lan Dam)

  • Peaceful place and privacy

  • Our floating rafts connected by natural, most materials made form natural

  • Great value, accommodation with delicious food and a lot of activities

แพไพรวัลย์ เขื่อนรัชชประภา (Praiwan Raft House, Ratchaprapha Dam)

Praiwan Raft House

Praiwan Raft, Ratchaprapha Dam

Praiwan Raft, Ratchaprapha Dam Also known as (Cheow Lan Dam) located in the controlled area of Khao Sok National Park.

In the coordinates of the Khlong Long zone, the address is house number 126 Moo 3, Khao Phang Subdistrict, Ban Ta Khun District. Surat Thani Province 84230

Praiwan Raft is a floating raft that is tied to the place. decoration style be simple We choose to bring natural bamboo to decorate every house to be in harmony with nature. around perfectly The roof part is decorated with thatch. Which is produced from nature that can be easily degraded does not destroy the environment which is something that looks classic In nature, which is hard to find at present, Praiwan Raft is close to the traveling point to visit the Coral Cave. (Also known as Talay Nai 500 Rai). We love being Thai. So we choose to use what we have to decorate the house perfectly. We would like to be a small part of the vast area with beautiful nature. We hope that Praiwan Raft will be the answer for people who love and love nature like us as well. Find no-frills accommodations. But we have a quiet place for you to experience nature. and clean air Hear the cry of the wild animals And on some days you may be lucky to see them come down for a walk for us to see. It always seems exciting for us to see wild animals. Sometimes you may not have heard these sounds from the city. The highlight of Praiwan Raft is the friendliness and delicious food. Clean rooms with privacy. and tranquility If you have time, come and experience nature to share your own experience. There are 30 houses on the raft house and also 2 restaurants to accommodate large groups of customers. And this is the only place where there is a yoga class on a floating raft. The layout of the raft is U-shaped, so that the raft can see the customers from both sides during the time that the customers are doing various activities. Area in front of each house


We have 30 floating fafts and separate 3 room types

แพไพรวัลย์ เขื่อนรัชชประภา (Praiwan Raft House, Ratchaprapha Dam)




Patrick Gouret

My favorite hotel in Khao Sok, such a peaceful place with wonderful staff and amazing food

Caroline Bastos

Almost everything was great. Accommodation, food, fantastic view.

I am giving it 4 stars because the toilets were far from the bungalows and the shower was cold

James Ellis

Awesome place to go and stay over, relax and forget about everything. Great hosts.

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